Ragnar Ingi Adalsteinsson

rai2Ragnar Ingi Adalsteinsson was born at Vadbrekka, Hrafnkelsdal January 15th 1944. He is the youngest out of ten children born to Ingibjorg Jonsdottir and Adalsteinn Jonsson, who lived at Vadbrekka from 1922 to 1971.

Ragnar Ingi was raised at Vadrekka and lived there until 1970 when he moved to Reykjavik. He attended grade school at Skjoldolfsstadir and took his final exam from that school in 1958. He finished the entrance exam to secondary schools at Neskaupstad in 1962 and the final exam from secondary schools from Menntaskolinn at Laugarvatn in 1969. In 1982 he obtained his teaching licensure from the University of Education and a master’s degree in paedagogy from the same university in 2000. In 2004 he finished a master’s degree in Icelandic from the University of Iceland and is now finishing his doctorate from the same school with emphasis on metrics.

Ragnar Ingi has mostly worked as a teacher, initially at several grade schools but since 2002 he has been an adjunct at the University of Education which has recently merged with the University of Iceland and is now named School of Education within the University of Iceland. Alongside his teaching he has done some writing, especially poetry and textbooks. Lately he has also written some professional journal articles, especially on metrics.